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Why you need a First Look!

Are you wondering if you need a first look? Are you wondering what a first look is? I'm going to let you in on why a first look is so important and how it can relieve wedding day stress!

First looks are slightly untraditional and often shot down without even considering how helpful they truly are! Let me ease your uncertainty and uneasiness and just stick with me here!

-As your wedding photographer, I will always recommend a first look! I personally did a first look with my husband because I wanted to spend our most important day together! I couldn't imagine waiting until the ceremony started to finally see my best friend!


-First looks also make it possible for you to get more time for bride/groom portraits together! I can guarantee I always deliver twice as many couple's portraits when we are able to do a first look before the ceremony! We can also get started on all wedding party pictures, and any family that is there with you early! If we are able to do all of this before the ceremony, I can keep our after-ceremony pictures down to 30ish minutes, leaving you plenty of time to mingle and greet your guests before dinner! We won't be rushing trying to beat the sunset to get everything in!

- Not to mention, your hair and makeup will look like you just stepped out of the chair, because you did!


- A first look gives you the chance to actually take everything in and calm those butterflies! Wedding days are chaotic, you and your partner will be so incredibly busy all day, by the time you start hair and makeup - the nerves are high! This is an intimate, private moment without the eyes of everyone on you! You can also exchange a special note or private vows! Finally, a moment to share how excited and ready you both are!


- Most of the time when a couple chooses not to do a first look, it is because they think that moment will not be the same. I'm here to tell you, YES IT WILL! Your spouse will still be just as happy and blown away because everything is in the moment and finally all put together! If you were to see some weddings with a first look and without I don't think you would be able to tell a difference!

-Ultimately it is your day, and you should do what it is important to you! First looks create the chance to have more time for more portraits and less stress. Do you have at least a hour and a half after your ceremony for family/wedding party/ and bride/groom portraits? I hope this blog post helped provide some clarity and decide if a first look is right for you! I would love to capture this special moment for you!

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