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Wedding day details!

Coming at you with a wedding day details guide! When your photographer arrives for your special day chances are details are one of the first things we try to get done! Here are some things to have ready for those incredible detail photos! Consider dedicating a small box or tote to collect these in to have ready in one place! What’s something you had in your details that you’re super proud of? scroll to the end for some groom details!

- Rings - yours and theirs -Shoes - yours and theirs -Bouquet - ask your florist for a few extra spare florals to work with! -Perfume/cologne - consider getting a new scent for you and your partner for your wedding day! -Earrings/jewelry -Invitation - the whole stationary suite if you have extra -Veil -Something sentimental -Vow books - consider getting something made special from a calligraphy artist! -Hair pin -Velvet ring box - amazon has some amazing options to match your colors! -Watch/ Pocket-watch - this makes a great day of gift for your partner also -Hanger - a plain wooden hanger or something with your new last name on it for your dress photos! -Wax seal -Cuff links -Trinket dish


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