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Engagement Sessions and why you need one! ❤

Engagement sessions are complementary with most of my wedding collections and here is 5 reasons why! 1. This is when we will most likely meet for the first time and finally see how we really interact! Not all engagement sessions are the same and not all couples are the same. This is when I get to see how you interact with each other and what will and wont work for your wedding day! You also get to see how I work with yall and we get to get those first day jitters out of the way!

2. Going through our poses and prompts during your engagement session really helps give me an idea of what poses will work for your wedding day and then I'm finally able to brainstorm MORE bc I know how yall get along and love on each other!

3. Removes any uncertainties! You get to see how your wedding day is going to go and the quality and variety of photos you will be recieving! Nothing is worse than the " I dont know whats going on" feeling. So, now you will!

4. You'll never be in this time of your life again, so remember it! The engagement season of your life is SO exhilerating and goes by so quickly, and I truly want you to be able to remember it forever!

5. This is an experience! We typically end all of my engagement sessions with a fun champagne pop! This is more than just standing and smiling for the camera, I truly hope for yall to leave more in love with each other than when you arrived!

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